Micro-Tunneling Construction

To eliminate environmental problems such as water pollution and increased waste due to rapid economic growth and urbanization, we developed ECO-SPEED-SHIELD (ESS) method that combines the Pipe Jacking method and Shield method as the Fusion-Technology. We also established the ESS Association to leverage the ESS Tunneling Construction-Method, and is expanding its business in Japanese Market, in addition we scope to overseas markets as well by the Turn-Key Solution for the infrastructure-development such as Water Supply, Drainage, Sewerage, Gas, Electricity, and Communication etc.

Consecutive Illustration: Combined Pipe-Jacking and Shield Methods (ESS)

The Expected Impact

● Improvement for Water Infrastructure/Environment by Tunneling Construction of Water Supply, Drainage, Sewerage, Agriculture Water Channels and Common Water Channels.
● Realization of inundation-resistant city planning
● Dissemination of clean construction technology as of economical all-weather construction without traffic regulation, also without large construction yards requirement.

ESS Tunneling features;

● Trenchless Tunneling of Long Distance (Over 1km & Curved) Construction
● High Quality of Design/Construction Management
● Diverse Tunneling available for Diameters Ranged 800mm~3m
● Sharp-Curved Tunneling (10m of Radius) Available (without Intermediate Shaft Construction)
● 20% Improvement of Economic Evaluation: Less Constructive Loss of Excavator
● 70% approx. Less/Reduction for the Fixed Facilities & Working Yard than conventional construction
The ESS Technology has been registered as KK-170056-A at New Technology Information System within Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Clean and Safe Construction Site
(2016~2019 Midorigaoka Siphon – Kobe City, Miki City)

ESS Excavator

Excavator for ESS method
(Compatible with sharp curve 10mR)

Thrust Pipe
(Lifted Down to Launch Pit)

The opening is excavated by “Pipe-Jacking Method” to the limited point for Pipe-Jacking or to an arbitrary point before the Sharp curve requirement to detour the underground obstacles.
No Intermediate Shaft is required to construct for Switching from the Pipe-Jacking to the Shield. Placing ESS-Special-Head behind the excavator as a branching point, adopted a simple structure that leads the expedited switching to the Shield.
The Tunneling is completed by Shield Method (incl. Curved Construction) with Segments-Connection.
All Jacking Pipes in general use in the market are applicable to use.
(Segment should be dedicated to ESS Method.)
Since the Tunneling has started on December 2016, we completed 2,447 meters long of the ESS Tunneling between Miki-City, Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City on January 2019, this is the longest record in Japan of the tunneling-extension with a small caliber shield. This is the longest record in Japan, as well as could be the longest record in the world at the same time.

Certified Patent and Utility Model Registration of the Technologies

Patented #5476057: Earth-Removal-Device/Method for Tunneling
Patented #5537850: Earth-Removal-Trolley/Method for Tunneling
Unexamined Patent Application: #2016-199903 Tunneling & Excavator
Utility Model Registration: #3193061 – Connecting Tube